What is Santeria

What is Santeria


What is Santeria  The Santeria or La Regla Lucumi originated in West Africa , in the region known today as Nigeria and Benin . It is the traditional religion of the Yoruba people . The slave trade brought many of these Yorubas to the shores of Cuba , Brazil , Haiti , Trinidad and Puerto Rico , among other places . But along with the bodies being brought for sale to a life of misery , brought something else : his soul , and his religion .

What is Santeria is religion ?


First of all , the Santeria is not a religion “primitive” . On the contrary , the Yorubas were and are a very civilized people with a rich culture and a very deep sense of ethics . We believe in a god known as Olorun or Olodumare . Olorun is the source of ashe , the spiritual energy that makes up the universe , all life and all things material .

Olorun interacts with the world and humankind through emissaries . These emissaries are called orishas . The orishas rule each of the forces of nature , and every aspect of human life . We can go to them , it is known that they come to the aid of their followers , guiding us to a better material life , as well as spiritual life also improved . What is Santeria?

What is Santeria
Communication between orishas and humans is achieved through rituals , prayers, divination and ebo or offerings (which includes sacrifice ) . Songs, rhythms , and trance possessions are also other means through which we interact with the orishas , that way we can influence our daily lives so that they guide us to a deeper and more complete life during our stay in this world.

In the New World the orishas and most of their religion was hidden behind a facade of Catholicism , through which the orishas were represented by several Catholic saints . The owners of slaves in this way they said : “Look how blessed is this slave . It happens all the time worshiping Santa Barbara ” . What they did not know is that she actually was praying to Shango , the Lord of Lightning , fire and dance, and maybe even prayed for the rid of the same owner . That’s how religion became known as Santeria . The memory of this period of our history , is the reason why many in our religion Santeria consider the term derogatory .

What is Santeria is traditions ?


Santeria traditions are jealously preserved and full knowledge of their rites , songs and language is a prerequisite to any deep involvement in religion. Initiates must follow a strict regimen , and account for their actions to Olorun and the orishas . As a person passes through each initiation in the tradition , knowledge becomes deeper and increase their skills and responsibilities accordingly. In fact , in the first year ± or following their initiation into the priesthood , the initiate or Iyawo (husband or wife of the Orisha ) , should wear white during that year ± or complete. A Iyawo should not look in a mirror , touch anyone or allow anyone to touch it and should not wear makeup, or go out at night during that term of time.

Santeria has become famous for its ” magic ” . This magic is based on knowledge of the mysteries or orishas , and how to interact with them to improve our lives and the lives of those who come to us seeking help from the orishas . We live under the premise that this world is a magical world . This knowledge seems “supernatural” only for those who do not understand , but in reality, it is completely natural .

Although the Yoruba were taken from their homes in Africa and enslaved in the New World , their orishas , their religion and their powers could never be chained , and the religion has survived to the present. Not like an anachronism , but growing steadily until today , even in places like France and the Netherlands in Europe. Art . What is Santeria


What is Santeria What is Santeria